Welcome Page

It has been called the “Woodstock Generation”, the “Alternative Movement”, the “Counter Culture”, and many other terms.

It has roots in many traditional spiritual and tribal traditions and attempts to integrate them into a Modern world.

The need for a Message of an Alternative way of Being is Universal in nature. Many are dedicated to share and keep this Dream Alive.

What is the Club?

A community of People that seek to share and spread the Core Values exemplified at the Woodstock Music
and Arts Fair 1969 and the Culture that they came from.

Like a Festival it will be where people can go and feel they are part of an interactive sharing community
and be entertained.

An On Line Web site allowing Members to contribute in Forums and connect with Like Minded.

Forums will include many of the subjects that are important to the Culture.

1. Food and farming: “Back to the Land”.

2. Minimalist Life Styles: “Create and Use what you need”.

3. Spirituality:. Aspects found Universally and followed at “Woodstock”.

4. Creative Solutions: Ideas for creating better systems for human existence and environmental responsibility.

5. Music and Arts: Discussion and content.

6. Open Discussion: Posting for discussion for any topic related to the “Woodstock Culture”.

7. Open Chat Room Discussion on any related Woodstock Culture aspect.

** All Content postings will be moderated and subject to membership Rules..

In the future Members will be able to Private Message and other features.

We will also be launching a PodCast featurIng topical shows, nature, news and entertainment exclusively Live to Members.

The “Establishment” adopted much of the soft side of the Culture. Its Music, long hair, and casual drug and sex attitude were accepted and exploited. The more consequential aspects were not. Minimalism, for example, goes against a Consumer based Economy dependent on consumption and obsolesce.

The actions of People in the “Woodstock Culture” are on going. It has effected much of humanity today in one form or another.

In theses Times of Social Instability a New Force for Change can be made by Club Members building an On Line Community.



Greg Walter